The Worst Advice…


When you are asked for advice it is an honor. Your thoughts and opinions are valued. You’re someone of worth to the person inquiring. The words you speak, and the way that you speak them, carry weight. Your advice can either elevate the asker to new heights or it can devastate them. If you are wrestling with knowing whether the advice you’re about to impart is good advice ask yourself these questions first.

Does Your House Make You Happy? Color Influences Emotion.


I did not pay much attention to the influence of color…
But I knew what I wanted. I had always wanted a red wall. Red was really popular at the time and I had to have it. The largest wall in the house is in the great room/living room, with cathedral ceilings, and it is visible throughout the entire lower floor. That was the wall that needed to be red.

Pinterest Recipe Review-Crock-Pot Beef Gyros with Tzatziki Sauce


I love Gyros and Crock-Pot Cooking, so what’s not to love! I have never attempted to make Gyros and I was skeptical that we could achieve that traditional Greek flavor at home. We have several Greek family owned restaurants in our city and I love to frequent these establishments for traditional Greek food.

But I was game to give this recipe a try. The ability to have a Gyro whenever I wanted was an enticing thought.

Pinterest Recipe Review-3 Ingredient Crock Pot Dessert


When you pop over to Pinterest recipe surfing… Hoping to find something to make for dinner, everything looks perfect. Like a huge magazine spread. It’s all gorgeous & my mouth begins to water. Then I come to my senses. It all looks too good. How do I know that the food tastes as good as it looks […]