Or hear about it, or see it…

Kind of like Mizaru, Kikazaru and Iwazaru-the Three Wise Monkeys. They cover their eyes, ears and mouth in order to see no evil, hear no evil or speak no evil.


This winter had many of us hiding our eyes when the weather reports repeatedly predicted snow. We covered our ears to those same predictions, refusing to hear the “S” word one more time. When spring had supposedly sprung, we covered our mouths and the mouths of others to squelch discouraging conversations about the storms heading our way, or another cold weather front accompanied by S@&w.

It has seemed like the winter lasted far longer than normal. In fact, it did, and we set some records. Yeah.


Winter seems to have taken its toll. Not only on our spirits and our energy levels, but on our gardens as well.

The photos on the top were taken on April 23rd, 2013. Full, beautiful blooming spring beauties.

(This year, a full eight days later, May 1, 2014 is evidenced by the bottom photos…


The weeping cherry in full bloom is a high-light of our spring. The tree is outside our front window and it is absolutely beautiful when in bloom. This year we only saw 10 blooms, maximum.


And the poor forsythia is looking not so cheerful. The snow drifts were piled so high at the end of the drive I am surprised this bush survived. But it had very few yellow leaves this year.

Everything is coming later…

And smaller-if at all. Thankful that the dogwood tree is blooming…we will just have to look out the back window to see spring, instead of out the front window and the weeping cherry tree.


The biggest loss…

Due to the long, cold winter our pond suffered greatly. Although it is 30″ deep, it froze completely. This has never happened. Not once in the eight years that we have lived here.

The first year that we had the pond we filled it with koi looking goldfish. Last year they were 10-12 inches long, birthing many babies each year. There were 5 larger fish and scores of babies when we approached winter. The pond was also home to many frogs, they would greet us when we walked by, and sing to us in the evening.


As the pond thawed we found the bodies of all the fish and frogs, they had frozen during the winter, and died. How heartbreaking.

And sadly, the hardiest perennials are the ones that we don’t want…

Only these weeds could thrive after snow-magedon!!!


This year…

I am hoping that we get the garden in sooner rather than later, but it has been a cold spring. Hoping for an Indian summer!

Has the winter effected your spring gardens???


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