My Photos Disappeared!!!!

If you are a regular visitor to this site…

You know that I love photos!

Photos help to tell the story, retain your interest and add color.

I like to use a photo or two in each post.


If you have stopped by recently I am sure that you have noticed the lack of pictures.

I loved the photos that accented my blog. LOVED THEM!!!

They were creative, well-done, told a story. Each and every one of them.

When I started blogging…

I devoured sites that taught me “how to” put it all together and I visited site after site, reading and researching. I talked to many others who had more experience and then I dove right in.

As the words were put to paper I would envision of the photos that I wanted to use to enhance the story so…

I would go to Google Images, type in what I was looking for and hundreds of photos would appear, allowing me to pick the one that spoke to me. Hopefully that one would also catch your eye, pushing you to read my words.

And away I wrote…

For months, actually for more than a year.


I never, ever thought about where the photos came from. I never thought about the person who took the photo. All the talent and the time that went into creating the image.

The perfect image for my words! They were meant to go together…like peanut butter and jelly.

Your photo and my words!


Then I read this article…

From Roni Loren ( and I felt sick to my stomach.

I had not even put a disclaimer on my site letting readers know that the images contained on my pages were not my own. They were taken by someone else. They were not my work.

I guess maybe I thought-in the back of my mind-that I was bringing their work of art onto my blog giving them more exposure. But I never thought to tribute them with the work.

At this point I do not generate money from my site. I am using it to hone my story, to connect with others, to learn to become better at my craft. Although I am not producing income from my site currently, who knows what will happen in the future. What if one of my articles would have gone viral??? My words with someone else’s photo?

Doing a bit more research and found this article…

PR Daily

This time I am unwilling to “learn the hard way”, I will take the experience of others and benefit from it! (Don’t tell my mother…I never learned from other’s mistakes when growing up…hence “The Letting Go” Series…)

I made my photos disappear!

I have removed any and all photos from my blog that I have not taken myself, or have ownership of. And I will be double checking all of that. In fact, over 100 of my blog posts are now hidden from view as they were written around photos that I do not own.

I am trying to be more intentional about using my camera, remembering to catch the moment. Slowly, but surely I will be placing photos back into my articles. But they will be photos that I own, pictures that I put the work and imagination into.

And lastly, I apologize to each and everyone of you.

Firstly to the artists-if I used your work, I apologize.

To my readers…I am sorry that I did not do my research

To those who looked at my blog as a tool for starting their own…if you were mislead by my use of photos-I apologize profusely.

Moving on…

to bigger and hopefully better, at least legal!!!!



  1. Madeline Laughs says

    It’s one of the reasons if the photo itself doesn’t have a website listed, I always credit the picture in the caption. That way people can find the artist online if they really like what they see.

    As for using memes, many of them already have a site imprint or watermark, but memes are memes :) Use them with abandon!! :)

    I understand what you did here though and I think it’s awesome. If you want to use the photos you’ve already collected and credit the artist, it’s easy to research and might even be kind of fun. Let me know if you’re interested send me a message and I’ll show you how.

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