Not all champions are recognized…

They do not all get medals or kudos. They are not always the one onstage or in front of the pack. In fact, I find that we will never know the name of most champions.

I heard someone say today…that the champions are the ones who are promoted…or the ones that receive recognition. I do not agree with that. Sometimes they may be…but there is almost always an unsung hero.

I believe that the unsung hero is the one that I most admire. Those extraordinary people who stand in the shadows, not the center of fanfare. Those who put in the work, the time, the effort and applaud when someone else gets the credit.

This happens in many areas of life…


As parents we raise our children, support them, assist them, love them, lead them…and we are their biggest supporters. They grow and achieve their goals, awards, medals. We are proud to be the unsung hero, to stand in the shadows and allow them to take over the spotlight. Very rarely do parents get the recognition of a job well done.


In our quest for fulfillment in the corporate workforce we are a part of a team. Many times our ideas, creativity and hard work are attributed to our superiors. We stand on the sideline and watch them garner promotions based on our work. This is the way of the business world. As we work harder and smarter our value is realized…but it may take time before we are recognized for the contributions we make.

Multi-Level Marketing

Those at the top are not always those who are doing all the work. It takes many unsung heroes to achieve this status. Very rarely is a large paycheck or promotion made from the actions of one person. It takes an army. A hero in MLM is the one who reaches down to help and assist others. At times giving sales and partners to their team members, showing appreciation for those who help in building the team.


At the Emmy’s, Grammy’s, and Oscar’s we always hear the winners give thanks and gratitude to their families and partners-in-life. Without someone keeping the home fires burning the road to success would have taken much longer, been much harder, or never achieved! These silent partners make this possible. They are heroes.

Firemen, Policemen, First Responders

Daily these people put their lives on the line. Very rarely are they given the credit they are due. They deserve our admiration for getting up and going to work each and everyday. These people are the Superstars, the medal winners.


How often have you seen a teacher standing behind someone on the medal stand? Or on stage? They are planting the seeds of knowledge in the minds of our children…helping them to not only be more educated…but also helping them to be creative problem solvers. They pour themselves into their students…rarely receiving the spotlight they deserve.

Dangers in not recognizing these people…

Whether these unsung heroes are parents, teachers, first responders, members of a Multi-Level Marketing team or those on a career path…there is a danger of not recognizing their repeated efforts.  Standing on the side-lines not being acknowledged for your work, time after time, makes it very difficult to keep doing your best.  When the promotion, the assistance, the reward that has been dangled like a carrot in front of you never materializes, it is difficult to maintain a high level of production. Watching those above you reap the rewards for your ongoing efforts may create an indifference to the results.

Look around you, who in your world is an unsung hero? Who is a champion? Most likely the people that deserve our time, our assistance and our thanks are not the ones on the medal stand, or the stage. They do not have the highest paycheck or the newest car, but your recognition of all that they do could be all that they need to stay in the game, to be a supporting player to the one who the world calls “champion”.