Trying To Figure This Whole Thing Out…

Where am I going?


The uprooting, altering, displacement, obliteration of the last few years has left me dangling. Training to be a 1960′s Housewife, emotionally spent, reflecting on my past, spewing it all, Letting Go…

I am attempting to figure it all out, patching the holes in my sinking life boat, as I go.

In order to learn more about where I want to go and who I want to be I have spent the last month searching-reading-delving.

I need to find out what I want in order to figure out where I want to be. I have found that it is difficult to get to your destination if you have no idea where that is.

I have been traveling from blog to blog, reading and learning.

Finding that we each have our own voice. How we speak the stories that we tell. The story is in the telling and it is entertaining to see the many ways that the story of a life can be told. We are all traveling down this road of life, but the tales of our journey are so diverse.

As I read I found myself a bit envious. Why can’t I be that funny? Why can’t I think in that way? My brain does not string words together like that! I wish I could write so  that you felt you were taking a vacation when you read my words.

I packed away the envy and decided to learn and enjoy. I have a voice too, but the cadence is different, the pitch not as high or low as others, and sometimes I am a bit off key. But who wants to listen to a choir that only sings bass? I appreciate the sopranos, altos, tenors that come along side the bass singer, pieces creating a masterpiece.

Throughout my travels from Blogroll to Blogroll…

I have discovered some incredible writers.

Some that make me laugh. Others that make me think. Some that make me realize that I think too much, others show me I don’t think deeply enough.

At first I wanted to keep these writers to myself…but their words are so incredible, I just have to share! I will be posting their links so that you can take your time, perusing and wandering through their words. Escape for a bit, jump into their stories, hear their voice and add their experiences to yours.

I stumbled onto Hannah Brencher through some long link, following a trail that led directly to her. Hannah’s words and heart are one of the most beautiful things that I have ever seen. It is miraculous that she is so young and so wise at the same time. An old soul.


Falling In Love…

Reading through her words I found her “Love Letter” campaign, and it changed how I think, altered my universe. She took her loneliness and turned it into a gift. Instead of wallowing she gave, and gave and gave. Like the Grinch, my heart grew three sizes bigger that day.

Click on the blue links to read Hannah for yourself…

“Sara Bareilles Would Not Write You A Love Song But I Want To Write You A Love Letter…Seriously” Hannah Brencher

Incredible! Imagine finding a letter informing you that you are spectacular, wondrously made, “smashing”… In the midst of a crisis, a difficult time, or a “blah” period in your life. Someone that you have never met reminding you how fabulous you really are. Would this put a spring in your step? A smile on your face? Change the way that you greet the next person, or next ten people, you meet?

And the story continues…

And when letters pour in, and emails pour in, and the whole world seems to need a love letter, I just want you to know…


 The world called…. it needs your love letters.


One year ago today: 365 days and 550 love letters later…

What Hannah Brencher has established, created and birthed is beautiful and incredibly giving. If you would like the opportunity to become involved-or if you are in need of a letter of love-visit

While you are visiting check out her other posts and articles, I am sure you will love her work as much as I do!


This is a “Love Letter” to you. Thank you for sharing your words. Your words touch my heart-the way that you string syllables  together makes me feel them, not just read them.

You are a pretty fantastic woman-opening doors and shedding light-so that the rest of us can shine brighter. Kudos for cracking open your heart-it is absolutely beautiful-and sharing it with the world.

You are incredibly “smashing” and I will be back for more!



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